PS s.c. Adam Sierzan Tomasz Pasicz
Radzymin k/ Warszawy,
ul. Korczaka 9B

Tel. 022 786 64 76
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Zostaliśmy dwukrotnie wyróżnieni medalami Polskiego Klubu Biznesu za osiągnięcia w Branży.


The essential feature of hall tents from PS NAMIOTY is their modular, fully repeatable construction. Both the supporting structure and the walls and roof plating is manufactured with an accuracy of 1 millimetre. This is possible thanks to usage of the AUTOCAD software during the design and construction of tents. Tent structures are manufactured from closed, thermally galvanized steel profiles. Walls and roof plating is manufactured from PVC tarpaulin materials of the highest quality, made by European producers. Tarpaulin materials possess fire certificates issued by the Building Research Institute.

We produce four groups of hall tents,which differ in the construction of the supporting structure, dimensions, and purpose.





PS NAMIOTY is a Polish company with its seat in Radzymin, near Warsaw.
The company has existed since 1996 and has been operating in the industry for 9 years.

Company PS NAMIOTY produces sells and rents hall tents with thermally galvanized steel structure, based on its own, original design solutions.

We offer hall tents, with a width of 5 to 30 meters, and wall height from 2.4 to 10 meters.

We obtain the required durability of our products because we use high quality materials with guaranteed origin. Our hall tents are designed and built, basing on standards applicable in Poland and the EU.

Application of tents:
  • Target and substitute warehouses
  • Target and substitute production halls
  • Retail complex permanent and temporary
  • Sport complex
  • Places of entertainment
  • Special events
  • Facilities for the army


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